Design and Content

Whether you're a completely new company just getting your online presence started, have an outdated design, or even have a completed site that could use a few tweaks, SERPSherpa's Design and Content Management services could be for you. The days of hand coding HTML sites in notepad are long over. Static content built by page building software is obsolete. Content management systems such as WordPress and Joomla have made site building a simple process that allows even novice users to maintain a standard look and create new content with no coding skills. These content management systems are great for SEO because they provide a uniform navigation and page naming structure that makes it easy for users and search engines to find your content.

CMS Installation and Configuration

Want to get your website or blog up and running as quickly as possible? You should! Search engines value age of your site (among many factors) when deciding where you rank in search results. Bring your already created logo (or we can recommend a designer for you) and we can get your site up and indexed by the search engines usually within 24-48 hours.

We will help set up your CMS system, install recommended plugins for things like security and SEO, and configure a theme (visual style template) that fits your business.

Content Migration

If you have an existing website, we can move your existing content over to your new blog without affecting any existing links to your pages and ensure your new page navigation is as good, or better than before. Your users will be able to find your content easier than ever.

Content Creation

Need some new content to freshen up your site? Or just to make your site look fuller and more engaging to users? SERPSherpa is here to help with our content writing services! Whether you have a few ideas of topics you want to cover, or let us go wild, we create engaging content that you can share on your social media pages to draw more traffic to your site. Our content is also SEO optimized to included requested keywords so you can start ranking more pages in the search engines for keywords that are related to your site.

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SERPSherpa is a local Baltimore SEO company located in Harford County Maryland. We are dedicated to providing high quality SEO and Reputation Management Services to small/medium sized businesses. As a small business ourselves, we know and understand the unique factors involved in building a local brand and getting that brand to customers through the use of search engines.

Local business owners know that there's no service quite like that from a local company. Do your research when selecting someone to do your SEO. Don't fall for a page where Baltimore is just one of their "regions" only to find out they're not even in Maryland.
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