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keywordanalysisKeyword research and analysis is the process of understanding what word or phrases users are typing into the search bar, and how to rank your website for those specific search terms. You may have built your website with great text describing your company and its products and services, but if nobody is searching for those terms, how will your customers find you?

Our services ensure that you know what customers ARE searching for, and provide you with a plan to target those specific search terms.

We make sure you aren't targeting low-search keywords unless they're highly profitable and easy to rank highly. Don't waste time trying to optimize for keywords that people aren't searching for, or aren't used by buyers.

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Understanding Search Counts

Broad keywords like "Baltimore Restaurants" receive 4-5 times the amount of searches a month than specific keywords like "Baltimore Seafood Restaurants." It makes sense then, that most companies are going after that top spot for bigger keywords. In theory, you should too...but there is a lot of competition for that keyword, and the worst part is - most of the results are magazines and other sites, not you OR your competitors. As part of an overall marketing goal, you should look to be featured on those sites, and take advantage of the traffic they offer, but it may not make sense to compete for the bigger keywords.

"Baltimore Seafood Restaurants" may have 20% of the search volume, but it is much easier to get yourself on the first page because naturally less people are targeting those words with their SEO plan. Breaking it down and adding in "Inner Harbor Seafood Restaurants", "Baltimore Crab Cakes", etc, etc, and what you find is 5-6 search terms, much easier to rank, with about the same number of overall searches as a more difficult keyword.

At SERPSherpa, we believe that the way to compete with the highest searched keywords is to build a solid foundation of ranking with more focused keywords, gaining traffic and customers, and using the natural growth of those search positions to provide an organic rise in broader search terms.

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SERPSherpa is a local Baltimore SEO company located in Harford County Maryland. We are dedicated to providing high quality SEO and Reputation Management Services to small/medium sized businesses. As a small business ourselves, we know and understand the unique factors involved in building a local brand and getting that brand to customers through the use of search engines.

Local business owners know that there's no service quite like that from a local company. Do your research when selecting someone to do your SEO. Don't fall for a page where Baltimore is just one of their "regions" only to find out they're not even in Maryland.
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