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For any business, reputation is a key component of an overall marketing strategy. In a world where anyone can create a website or post on a forum, maintaining a positive reputation online can be a difficult task. Your good name could be held hostage by websites who post negative information about your company.

The problem with negative review sites (sites that are designed very specifically to only include negative reviews) is that many of them are a scam. These sites accept negative reviews without any verification from the original customer, and then refuse to remove the negative review, even if you’ve resolved the situation and the customer is now happy. Other sites attempt to extort the business by requiring a “fee” to remove the listing, many times in the $10,000-15,000 range. It’s not often clear if the negative review is from a disgruntled customer, ex-employee, a competitor, or even the site creators themselves to try and get a payday from business owners.

These sites can be quite difficult to deal with, but they are not impervious.

Most SEO agencies focus on removing the entry directly, by negotiating removal fees, or by attempting to spam the review site in an effort to have it penalized/removed by search engines for attempting to manipulate rankings. That tactic may have worked in 2009, but not in 2014. The top negative review sites have very high authority in the eyes of search engines, and can withstand a large amount of “Negative SEO” attacks.


Our Reputation Management Approach:


1. Complete Local Search Optimization
Using our Local Optimization methods, we ensure that your business is listed in proper online business directories and and review sites. These sites also come with great authority in the eyes of search engines.

2. Increased Social Media Presence
Social Media websites also bring high authority. Having mentions of your company name and website on various media pages improves your visibility and rank in search engines.

3. Obtain Positive Reviews
While leaving a positive review is up to your happy customers, providing great service above and beyond expectation is a great way to get positive reviews. You can also encourage your customers to leave reviews by providing easy access to a review system.

4. Ranking Related Pages
Other sites on the web probably mention your company, and often can rank high when customers search for your company name. Those pages can be positive reviews, news outlets doing a story on your company, or industry blogs, We will work to increase their search engine rankings so that their pages come up before a negative review site, pushing it further down (and sometimes off) the first few pages.

Through these methods, along with our standard SEO services, the amount of pages ranking for your company name can begin to outrank any negative reviews, pushing them off page 1 and into search engine oblivion. Sites listed at position 11 or later get 1% or less of all page views for that particular search term. That means if 200 people are specifically searching your company name, only 2 are likely to ever read a negative review, leaving you with 198 potential customers with a positive view of your company.

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SERPSherpa is a local Baltimore SEO company located in Harford County Maryland. We are dedicated to providing high quality SEO and Reputation Management Services to small/medium sized businesses. As a small business ourselves, we know and understand the unique factors involved in building a local brand and getting that brand to customers through the use of search engines.

Local business owners know that there's no service quite like that from a local company. Do your research when selecting someone to do your SEO. Don't fall for a page where Baltimore is just one of their "regions" only to find out they're not even in Maryland.
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