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SEO Analysis - Map your route A successful climb up the search engine results pages should always begin by taking an assessment of where you are today, and where you plan to go tomorrow. Taking the time to understand all facets of your web presence allows us to map the route best suited for your business. Your business and your site are both unique, and your SEO plan should be based on your specific needs.

Complete SEO Analysis

SEO analysisUnlike most SEO companies, SERPSherpa's SEO Analysis services go beyond auto-generated computer site analyses. We research all phases of your online presence, from your on-page SEO, to analyzing who links to you, to how much you interact with your customers on social media networks.

All data is collected and analyzed by a real person, with direct personal recommendations on how to improve your search engine rankings based not on generic computer provided metrics, but on real world experience in what actually works. When doing an SEO Analysis, we look at the following factors:

  • Keyword Effectiveness: What keywords are you targeting, and how effective is your page at ranking for those keywords? Are there other keywords with more searches or are easier to rank?
  • On-Page Optimization: Are your pages optimized for your target keywords? If you want to rank highly for "Baltimore Septic Repair", you have to make sure that your pages adequately describe your services to include Septic systems.
  • Backlink Strength: Search engines rank pages higher when other reputable pages link to them. The link vouches for your site's authority on a topic and passes "juice" based on the credibility of the site that links to you.

Competitor Analysis

The best way to outrank a competitor is to find out what they're doing, and do it better. Similar to a Custom SEO Analysis, our Competitor Analysis Services allow you to get an in depth look at exactly what your competitors are doing to rank high so that you can ensure that you are doing everything they do, and more. Did your competitor get linked to by a reputable business directory? We'll show you exactly what links they're getting, and how you can get the same links.

The "FREE" SEO Analysis

We encourage potential customers to review free SEO reports by other SEO companies. You will see that these reports will start to look exactly alike, all generated using the same software tools, and without anyone really looking at your site to see what will work for your business. The old adage "you get what you pay for" is never more accurate than when it comes to free and SEO.

We don't do free analyses because we don't use automated tools. Search engines change their ranking algorithms all time, and we don't rely on software that is often out of date to tell us what is working right now.

If all you want is a computer generated report - we'll help you buy, install, and configure the software on your own systems. Don't pay outrageous monthly fees for an SEO company to just hit the forward button.

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SERPSherpa is a local Baltimore SEO company located in Harford County Maryland. We are dedicated to providing high quality SEO and Reputation Management Services to small/medium sized businesses. As a small business ourselves, we know and understand the unique factors involved in building a local brand and getting that brand to customers through the use of search engines.

Local business owners know that there's no service quite like that from a local company. Do your research when selecting someone to do your SEO. Don't fall for a page where Baltimore is just one of their "regions" only to find out they're not even in Maryland.
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