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icy climbSERPSherpa provides a comprehensive SEO service plan which integrates all facets of our clients' web presence from on-page optimization and keyword analysis to Social Media integration and backlink profiling in order to increase their position on search engine results page (SERP).

In short, what are your customers putting in the search box, and where do you come up in the results?

Online advertising network Chitka released a June 2013 Study on Google organic search results and found that the #1 result in any search is likely to get clicked by 33% of searchers. And it only goes down from there.

Once you're outside of the "top 3" - only about 8% of searchers are likely to click on your website. Drop off page one, and that number goes to 1%. If you're not in the top 3 results, you're losing traffic, and most likely customers, to other websites that are outranking you.

SERPSherpa SEO services are designed to bring your rank to the top and help keep you there.

Our SEO Management Approach

  • Comprehensive Keyword Analysis: What keywords (search terms) are you currently targeting, and what are customers ACTUALLY searching? If you're targeting "plumbing" when your business is actually septic systems, you could be competing unnecessarily with plumbing companies, and not standing out when people search for septic repair. We'll find the right keywords you should be targeting for your business, and help you with content specifically designed for new keywords if necessary.
  • On-site SEO: Is your site, and its content, properly optimized for the search engines to find the best contact you want to put in front of your customers? We ensure that your on-site content is not over optimized (stuffing your keyword into your text unnaturally) so you provide a smooth content experience for both the search engines and your users. Are you linking naturally to other content on your site, or does each page have to stand alone in the search engine algorithms?
  • Social Media Integration:Are you signed up with Facebook, Twitter, and Google+? If those services aren't integrated with your website, you're missing out on the social signals search engines want to see to ensure you're a real company that is actively engaging with your customers across multiple platforms.
  • Backlinks: Who is linking to your site? Are those links naturally built and relevant to your site? Search engines want a clean link profile that shows that other people on the web find your content valuable enough to their readers that they are willing to link to your site. Spammy links (forum profiles, forum signatures, link directories, blog comments, adult/gambling) can get your site penalized with a rank drop, or removed from search engine databases entirely! Who you link to, and who links back to you shows search engines that you have trust and authority, with good link profiles providing a great boost to your ranks.
  • Ongoing Maintenance: Your SEO plan needs to be constantly maintained. As your competitors increase their SEO, they will rise in the ranks and if left alone, your site could end up being passed in search results. Unlike most SEO providers, our SEO maintenance plans do not include things like fake Facebook likes and Twitter followers. We don't blast backlinks to your site from open comment blogs.
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SERPSherpa is a local Baltimore SEO company located in Harford County Maryland. We are dedicated to providing high quality SEO and Reputation Management Services to small/medium sized businesses. As a small business ourselves, we know and understand the unique factors involved in building a local brand and getting that brand to customers through the use of search engines.

Local business owners know that there's no service quite like that from a local company. Do your research when selecting someone to do your SEO. Don't fall for a page where Baltimore is just one of their "regions" only to find out they're not even in Maryland.
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